Audio Visual Integration

ACI's team of professionals are trained to deploy Audio Visual Systems ranging from displays, projection, digital signage, sound, video conferencing, camera's to lighting control. Our technical knowledge and demanding products control procedures, combined with ongoing training from our Manufacturer Partners in latest technological advancements and installation methods ensure seamless integration.

Audio Visual Systems Integration

AV System Conceptions & Design

AV System Implementation

AV Equipment Sales

  • Video Conferencing Solutions
  • Class Rooms
  • Conference Rooms and Boardrooms
  • Digital Signage and Point of Information Displays
  • Training Facilities
  • Lobbies and Reception Areas

AV System Conception & Design

We provide an extensive concept development and design services for audiovisual systems. Consisting of needs analysis, systems concept and system design phases.

AV System Implementation
We provide accurate installation services. Consisting of planning phase, installation phase, device programming, system setup and commissioning. We work according to national, codes and industry standards.

AV Equipment Sales

We are a sales partner of leading AV manufactures. Our equipment variety includes: Audio/Sound & Lighting Equipment, Screens, LED,LCD & Plasma Displays, Projectors, Control Units and Automated Processors, Mixer, Video Conferencing, Playback & Distribution Devices, Cameras, Cable , Racks & Accessories.

Our audio visual (AV) services provide solutions for Media & Entertainment, Education, Corporate Business, Military, Government.

Our professional conception, design and installation service allows the integration of state of the art equipment that is custom fitted in your framework, providing you with high quality and easy to use AV technology.

Our AV installation service includes the development and programming of custom control units. Giving its operator full control of all AV system devices. These can including, the switching of audio or video sources, arranging multiple visual sources on one or more displays, controlling projection system equipment and status as well as camera movement, sound systems and recording or playback functions. These are just a few control possibilities that can be accomplished thru AV Systems Control.

Thru multiple code and devices interface capability, any electronic device, processor or sensor can be control thru a wireless touch screen, wall or lectern integrated control unit. Providing fast and easy access to all needed information and control functions. Providing you with innovative processes at a push of a button.